As a Landlord your first concern is to find a satisfactory tenant , have a proper tenancy agreement in place and then to ensure that the rents are collected regularly and paid to you.

You may also want the management of the property to be taken off your hands so that the whole process of renting is as easy as possible.

As solicitors we are able to:

  • Seek tenants for you
  • Prepare Tenancy Agreements
  • Arrange inventories
  • Collect rents on your behalf
  • Deal with rules relating to deposit arrangements
  • Manage property on your behalf.
  • We are also well placed to act for you in the recovery of rent arrears and repossession of your property if the need arises.
  • Offer a Legal Service for other issues that may arise in connection with your tenancy

    We can arrange these services as a total package or alternatively any one or more  separately giving you choice and flexibility

    If you would like more information or want to discuss particular requirements we will be happy to talk to you so please contact us.