Whether you are an employer or an employee there may come a time when you need advice on your rights and obligations. Employment Law changes regularly and is becoming more complex.

Alston Ashby have a considerable depth of experience in advising and acting for clients in this field on both sides of the fence.


As an employer we can advise you from the outset upon contracts of employment which can fairly represent the relationship between the parties with a view to minimising any disputes at a later date which could prove both upsetting and costly.

Where a contract of employment is about to come to an end, we can advise and prepare compromise agreements to record the final arrangements and avoid expensive Employment Tribunal actions.

Where disputes arise we are able to advise on disciplinary and contractual matters and help with Employment Tribunal proceedings from the initial stages through to a hearing if necessary. Subject to your instructions and requirements we can also negotiate through ACAS to explore the possibility of an early settlement where this is considered appropriate.

Issues can arise in the workplace and you may be unsure how to deal with them. As with everything “prevention is better than cure” and we can advise on general or specific concerns you may have so that you have knowledge of how Employment Law will affect your business.

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Your job is important to you and we understand that. When you accept a job it is likely that you will have to sign a contract of employment or a statement of terms and conditions of employment. You may be unsure how this will affect you and we are able to advise in a clear jargon free way to give you some peace of mind.

When you are in work problems can arise both with your employer and others in the workplace and it is possible that you are unsure of your rights and what can be done to resolve problems. This can be an extremely emotional time and you might benefit considerably by taking advice from a sympathetic and experienced lawyer at Alston Ashby.

If you are in dispute with your employer and are thinking raising a grievance it may be important for all relevant and requisite steps to be followed in particular if Employment Tribunal action is considered. We are of the view that advice from your solicitor should be taken as early as possible and we can help in that.

When you leave your job, depending on circumstances your employer may ask you to sign a Compromise Agreement. We can advise on the terms of these Agreements so that you know what you are committing yourself to, negotiate with the employer if it is necessary to change particular parts of it and then to certify the Agreement in accordance with the rules. Generally your employer will pay your legal costs on a compromise agreement so there sh