Court of Protection and Public Guardianship

Most people are in the fortunate position of understanding the world about us and are capable of making every day decisions.

Sadly sometimes that mental capacity is lost and then it is necessary for the individual be supported.

A Deputy should then be appointed under the Mental health act 2005 to manage the affairs of someone who no longer has mental capacity.

An application must be made to the Court of Protection who will decide whether a person lacks mental capacity and in appropriate cases appoints a Deputy to make decisions for and manage the affairs of the person concerned.

Deputies have a responsibility to act properly. The Public Guardian with the Public Guardianship Office is charged as part of its other duties of protecting people who lack capacity by supervising Deputies.

The procedure for making application to the Court can be daunting to those who have no experience of such matters and we are able to help with that by preparing the application, seeking appointment of the Deputy and advising you in the responsibilities of the position.

If you are uncertain of what to do or need to talk about particular concerns we will be happy to talk so why not give us a call.